Hir HD+

Hir HD+

Liquid integral waterproofing compound for concrete and plaster

Used for terrace waterproofing as well as concrete, sand-cement mortars, basements, roof waterproofing, screeds, water retaining structures, sunken slabs, water tanks, and sump tanks. Liquid integral waterproofing compound for concrete and mortar; it ensures smooth terrace waterproofing and roof waterproofing


Add 70% of water (0.45 w/c ratio) to concrete mixer.


Charge cement & aggregates to concrete mixer as per mix design, mix it for one-two minutes for a cohesive mix.


Pour (140 ml per 50 kg of cement) Roff Hyproof in measuring jar.


Mix the measured quantity of Roff Hyproof to the remaining gauging water in a bucket and stir thoroughly.


Add the gauging water mixed with Roff Hyproof to the concrete in the concrete mixer and mix thoroughly for two-three minutes.


Discharge the concrete / mortar for application.