Hir Bond 007


hir adhesives are innovated by R&D multi utility premix mortar that can be used for fixing tiles, stones, marbles, mosaic tiles and other big size tiles. For best results hir adhesives provide better bonding and curing with least shrinkage and cracking because of absence of impurities in raw material. Less water for making mixture comapare to regular cement. No curing required. No wastage of material and water. Easy to apply

Pack : 20kg

Colour : Grey

Hir Bond 007

hir bond 007 is basic adhesive and is ideal for flooring using tiles, stone and marbles. hir bond 007 is also recommended for tile on tiles, tiles can be laid on pre-xsisting floor by making surface rough and free from dirt, oil moisture and other debris.




Parameter Hir Bond007
Appearance Grey free flow powder
Pot Life 60 minutes
PH Alkaline
Required Water Ratio 21 to 23 %
Coverage @ 3 mm 2.30 sqft/Kg
Coverage @ 6 mm 1.15 sqft/Kg
Coverage @ 9 mm 0.75 sqft/Kg
Bulk Density 1600 - 1900 Kg/m3
Maximum Aggregate Size 1 mm




Requirement As Per IS-15477 Type - I HiR Bond 007
Tensile Adhesion
   Dry Condition 750 N 850 N
   Wet Condition 450 N 500 N
Shear Adhesion
   Dry Condition (24 Hrs.) 2.50 KN 2.65 KN
   Dry Condition (14 Days) 8.00 KN 8.25 KN
   Heat Aging Condition 4.00 KN 4.05 KN
   Wet Condition 4.00 KN 4.50 KN
Open Time - 10 Minutes
Adjustment Time - 5 Minutes
Foot Traffic - 24 Hours

# The Values obtained are from our laboratory testing conditions. Tests conducted on site conditions may show slight variation due to methods of testing/application.


Floor Base Preparation

Floor Surface where tile has to be fixed should be of concrete base, properly cured, leveled and free of cracks.

Wall Base Preparation

Wall Surface where tile has to be fixed should be of concrete base, properly cured, leveled and free of cracks.

Clean Surface

Clean surface by wire brush and ensure contamination-free area.

Mixing Tile Adhesive

Pour Hir Tile Adhesive into water as per required ratio.


Mix the paste using hand mixer for 5 minutes.


Rest for 5-10 min and remix again for 2-3 min.

Floor Wetting

Floor Wet the surface and tile before application.

Wall Wetting

Wall Wet the surface and tile before application.


Apply adhesive on the wall/floor using trowel at a thickness of 3-6 mm and comb with notch trowel. Do not spread more than 1 sq. m of area at a time.

Fix Tiles

Fix tiles firmly into position with a sliding motion and hammer with soft mallet to ensure a better bond.

Cleaning Adhesive

Clean off excessive adhesive between the joints and on tiles with a damp cloth.

Leave To Dry

Do not disturb the tiling for minimum 24 hours.

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