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The precise zero-shrinkage alignment of Machinery and Equipment is critical for effective transfer and distribution of static compressive dynamic and impact loads. Both the concrete surface and the machine base have irregularities and hence these machinery and equipment cannot be placed directly onto finished concrete surfaces. The performance of a grout under a machine or equipment base depends on the properties of the grout like stability, stiffness, volume change, strength and flowability.

Hir Grout's wide range of cementitious and epoxy grouts systems are used for grouting of voids and duct beneath the load bearing units, concrete and the base plates. The anchoring systems are used to install permanent and removable critical fixings.



Repair and protection of floor surfaces from

Chemical spillage
Oil spillage
Prevents physical degradation due to compressive
Loads and abrasion caused by equipment traffic.
Provides decorative, cleaner, healthier, more pleasant place for working environment
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