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Thermal Insulation Coatings

Hir’s Insul-Coat is the right choice for a diverse range of insulation coating applications over heat process equipment like furnaces, pipelines, tanks, ovens, boilers, heat exchangers and equipment tanks, ovens, boilers, heat exchangers and more. Our insulation coating technology has solved the century old problem of corrosion-under-insulation (CUI) by both insulating and preventing corrosion with a single product. They are also naturally mold, moisture, and UV resistant and chemical resistant too. They can be easily applied while equipment is operating – No Downtime! And can coat all odd equipment or building configurations and bond with your existing substrate 100%-no more energy loss and thermal bridging from non-insulated equipment.

Insul-Coat is easy-to-use and designed to save energy, protect assets, and reduce carbon footprints with an extremely low thermal conductivity and hydrophobic nature effectively inhibit heat transfer with a thin layer reduce their overall energy costs related to heat producing processes by a reported range of 10%-25% for corrosion prevention and eliminating CUI (Corrosion Under Insulation) thus increasing the longevity of valuable equipment. Insul-Coat has ability to act as a thermal barrier eliminates the need for most other types of traditional insulation. Spray, roll, or brush applied, the coatings can also be applied in-service. Industrial customers typically report ROI in 3 - 5 months. It is formulated to provide thermal protection for tanks, vessels, boilers and other facility surfaces up to 610°C (1130°F). For applications requiring more aggressive insulation, the coating can be applied in multiple layers while still allowing for full substrate viewing and easy maintenance. The insulating ability will not be affected by steam or infiltration of moisture, a major problem with other types of insulation.

Many companies are working to lower fuel costs. Energy intensive processes dealing with steam and hot water make up a significant amount of monthly energy costs.



Performance You Can Count On

Industrial customers typically report payback within: 3 - 5 months.
Fast cure lowers temperatures in only 1-2 hours.
Industrial customers typically report saving 10%-25%, or more, in energy costs.
Options for both hot and cold processes.
Easy to apply with a texture sprayer or paint sprayer while equipment is in service.
Earth friendly, sustainable, water-based, low VOC, and non-toxic.
Clear or color options, depending upon your needs.
Preservation of environmental balance.
minimizing the amount of construction waste when applying the product
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