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Triple Action Coatings

The continuous production & process plants represents a huge investment. They are designed for a floor service life time in excess of 30 years, so the durability of the protection for these assets is a very important requirement. Every nonscheduled down time for essential repairs or maintenance means a serious financial loss to the plant. It is always essential to ensure that the strength of the flooring system is able to accommodate the stresses generated over floor. This includes the mechanicalandchemical resistance, plus ease of cleaning,and dust prevention etc.

The flooring is most operational part of any Industrial, Commercial, Residential or Institutional buildings. The floor is heavily exposed to physical and chemical abuses, load due to traffic of forklift & trollies, abrasion due to mechanical wear, stress, chemical resistance to spillages from occasional to continuous immersion, temperature, snow, ice melting chemicals such as rock salt, slip resistance, impact resistance, fire resistance, conductivity, aesthetics, rapid curing, anti-bacterial and permeability to liquids. In addition, the problems of poor design, poor construction, low standards of maintenance and repair, or a combination of all three reduces the floor design life. In this high demanding industrial environment, concrete surface fails. Also concrete substrate is porous in nature thus when water, oil and other fluids enter into concrete, the reinforcing steel corrodes.Tosustain and maintain the industrial floor a protection ismust.

Hir Floor Coat Screeds & Toppings offers highly chemically and mechanically resistant, seamless high performance flooring systems to enhance floor design life and for the ultimate convenience of easy to clean surface with increased resistance to liquid penetration. These refurbishments & protective lining systems are predominantly based on Cement, Acrylic, Epoxy, Polyurethane resins and hybrid technologies. The toughness and durability of the hygienic coating along with choice of attractive colors suits to variety of environmental conditions. The coated decorative surface presents ideal and pleasant working atmosphere resulting in productivity improvement.

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