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Hir Super Seal – PS9001 Poly Sulphide,

Hir Super Seal – AS9002 Acrylic Sealant,

Hir Super Seal – PU9003 Poly Urethane

Adhesive bonding is a process in which two similar or dissimilar materials are united permanently. Adhesives build “bridges” between the surfaces of substrates to be joined.

Hir's Adhesive & Sealant offers More uniform stress distribution over the entire bond face. This has a very positive effect on the static and dynamic strength achieved. Where welding and riveting result in localized stress peaks, adhesive bonding achieves uniform distribution and absorption of stress loads. Adhesives also act as sealants, preventing loss of pressure or liquids, blocking the penetration of condensation water and protecting against corrosion. The adhesive forms an insulating film to prevent contact corrosion when different types of metals are joined. It also acts as electrical and thermal insulator.


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